My Birthday Again!!!!

My Birthday Again!!!!

Hitwise always send email notices to staff when someone’s birthday come, normally at the early morning. I was expecting an email with my name on it today, but unlucky, although there was one, not for me, it was for someone in the NY office.

I don’t usually have birthday party, sometimes I just had dinner with friends in a restaurant. And last year, my wife bought a cake for me from Bread Shop, and we had dinner together in Chinatown alone.

I am going to ask my friends to come to my house for dinner this Friday, not just for my birthday, but to create a chance to get together with friends whom I hardly have chance to sit down and talk with.

Expecting some gifts 22222… ^_^…

Notes from the next day: We did get an email at the end of day from Robin for notification of my birthday, and then I got a lot of emails for congratulations from team members. Thanks everyone!!


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