New Gaming PC

New Gaming PC

I have finally bought a new PC to replace my old 5-year old computer which was supposed to retire long time ago, thanks to Justin and Jim who gave me advice on the parts of computer I should by and helped me to assembled them. The following is the specs for my new PC:
Gigabyte 965P DS3
Intel Conroe (Core 2 Duo) E6320
2G Kit  DDR2 667 Kingston 4200/5300
22" SAMSUNG Wide Screen LCD
256MB 8600GT Gigebyte
leadtek TV2000 EXPERT
Cooler Master CAC T05
Most of parts were bought from MSY, the cheapest parts you can find in town. The 22″ monitor fits perfectly to my computer desk and it looks awesome by just sitting in front of it. I don’t play games that much, probably no games for at least last 6 months. My housemate is getting pissed off by my new PC, because his 19″ monitor has no match to my new one and he can’t wait after his graduation when he will have enough budget to by a new more powerful PC for his gaming. What would happen to my old PC? Well, I will use it mainly for Linux and acts as my home server for my development work and learning. I am thinking of a laptop too, but probably not in the short term. Since We moved into our new apartment in Oakleigh, we have bought so many stuff and our home is getting really packed. I am sure there will be more stuff join our home once our baby is born.


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