Connex is helpless

Connex is helpless

How many trains cancelled today?

I tried to catch the 8:00AM train from Oakleigh, because the 8:00AM train departs from Oakleigh, which means there will be much less people on board and I can find somewhere to sit. I left my house a bit late, so I ran all the way to Oakleigh station. Guess what, when I arrived at the station, about 7:58AM, the next train displayed was 8:04AM, so I guess the one I want to catch was cancelled, ( it is a new service and it happened before ). I told myself it was common, otherwise it is not Connex, so calm down.

Until 8:05, the display showed that the next train was 8:09AM express train, but 8:04AM train hadn’t arrived yet. BS, it was cancelled as well. OK, nothing I can do, keep waiting. At 8:13AM, 8:09 train arrived with full of people on board. I know that there is another one at 8:14AM shortly, it is also an express train. OK, I just wait again. At 8:17AM, 8:14 train arrived, WTF, there was not even standing room available. I was totally pissed off, but can do nothing, keep waiting.

Finally, 8:17AM train arrived at 8:18AM, and there were seats available.

I spend almost 20 minutes waiting on the freezing morning at the peak time, that’s totally BS. Today is the last day for my monthly ticket, I was hoping that the ticket expired yesterday, so that I don’t need to pay today. I don’t know whether I will validate my new ticket tomorrow morning or not.


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