IE 7 Update for Pirated Windows Users

IE 7 Update for Pirated Windows Users

Congratulate to all pirated Windows XP users, IE7 is now available to them. Microsoft Internet Explorer Weblog has announced that the latest update to Internet Explorer 7 will drop the Windows Genuine Advantage (WGA) validation step from the installer.

To see the detailed information, visit here.

When Microsoft first released IE 7 one year ago, it was a forced update, and requires genius Windows XP to install it. Now with feared market overtaking by Firefox browser, Microsoft finally allows pirated Windows XP to install IE7, with the hope to expand its browser market dominant.

Now it is time to inform your family members to drop IE6 and move to IE7, if their favorite browser is IE6. Or even better, try to make them move to Firefox, in which case they will never need to worry about future IE updates that might introduce further restrictions.


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