Three Years After Graduation

Three Years After Graduation

Exactly three years ago, after five years of study from High school to Uni courses, I graduated from Monash University with the Bahelor of Computer Science Degree. Life was hard for me during that five years. If you ask me whether I want to try these five years again or not, I will give you the immedidate answer – NO.

During these 5 years, I have worked as a dish-washer in a Chinese restaurant, as a kitchen-hand in an Italian restaurant, as a carpenter in a furniture factory, as a cleaner in a cleaning company, as a cashier in 7-Eleven, as a sales assistant in Coles and finally as a programmer in the IT industry. I think my life and career have gone through quite smoothly, but not easy at all. I am very happy with the current company I am working as a web programer on St Kilda Road, and I am sure I will advance my career in the next few years.

My friend said that the changes to my life is super quick in just three years. I have worked full time in 2 companies, brought my girl-friend over from China, got married in 2006, had baby in 2007, bought a new home just before Christmas in the same year and finally bought a car just after Christmas and before 2008 New Year. Now I can say that I have completed settled down in Australia with a new life. The only last thing that I need to do is apply my parents over. When? I am not sure now, probably in the next 2-3 years.

I like to live in Melbourne, and I am sure that my family will like it as well.

A few photos to “show off” my “new” home and car:

Overview of the unit:


Living room:


Dinning room:






Toyota Corolla:








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