Alternative to Putty on Windows

Alternative to Putty on Windows

I’ve used Putty for all my ssh needs on windows since I started in the uni back to 2001. It’s very light and easy to use, but certainly lacks a little polish in some areas.

The features that I really want is the tabbed shell with image background, like what I can have in Linux shell command line. SecureCRT is certainly good but it is not free. After a bit of research, I have found a new free alternative to Putty called Poderosa, it looks pretty cool so far.

The main features that I can see so far are:

1. tabbed windows
2. select an image as background and position it
3. intergrated with Cygwin
4. window splits
5. plugin support
6. language support( currently only for English and Japanese )

The only thing that I don’t like is that it depends on 2.0 .NET Framework. Apart from that, it worth a try and get more features than Putty can offer.


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