Moved But Not Settled

Moved But Not Settled

My wife and I have moved to our new house in Clayton over the weekend. There was some problems with the settlement on Friday. Our solicitor told us that the vendor has some issues with their solicitor, and now they have changed a new one, which caused our settlement to be delayed. However, because it is vendor’s fault, they did allow us to move in as planned and would not charge us for the rental.

It took us 2.5 hours for 4 of us to move all of our stuff on Saturday, and took us the whole day to do the cleaning of the old apartment in Oakleigh. It was a tiring week, but the good thing is, we won’t need to move anymore, at least not in the next decade.

Our new home is messy, because we still have to work and don’t have much time to clean up everything. So it will keep us busy for the next few weeks, when I still need to organise everything for the movement.


The house warming party will be held sometime in March or April, after we clean up the house and renovate floors and walls. Email invitations will be sent when the time comes.


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