Pass Driving Test

Pass Driving Test

After 8 years in Melbourne, I finally get my P plate license last Wednesday. Hehe, I know you might be laughing, thinking that at the age of 25, I just get my P plate, most of people get full license at the age of 21.

I had been thinking of getting my license long time ago, probably back a few years, but I felt that the car was not very useful to me back to the old days, and the cost of maintenance is too high. However, after buying a unit in Clayton, a family car becomes mandatory to me, because our unit is a bit far from the clayton station, around 15 mins walking, and I need to drive my wife and myself to station and home before and after work. So in December last year, I spent 10K on my first car while learning driving from my instructor, just after I bought the unit.

I attempted my first driving test last Wednesday, and it was a pass. Although I was quite confident before the test, I was still so nervious at the beginning and actaully made some mistakes during the test, but lucky they were quite minor, and I am still good enough to pass the exam.

Safe driving…


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