Save the Developers and Stop Using Internet Explorer 6

Save the Developers and Stop Using Internet Explorer 6

IE6 is evil, it not only makes users who faces security risks, but also makes the job very hard for all web developers who have to fix the problems in IE6 which contains non-standard features and functions that are not compatible with other browsers.

If you see this page in IE6, please please upgrade your browser to IE7 or FF 2.0 at least. Microsoft has already removed the piracy check for IE7 installation, so even if you are using the pirated version of Windows, you can still upgrade to IE7 without problems.

If you know your friends who are still using IE6, please pass the word around. It does not only make web developers’ job easier, but also allow you to use the more secure version of browser which will save you from the Internet.

Please SaveTheDevelopers.


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