Ubuntu Hardy Upgrade Problems

Ubuntu Hardy Upgrade Problems

I have recently upgraded from Ubuntu Gusty to Hardy. Most stuff went smoothly except a few things that I had to spend hours to resolve.

1. Dual monitor is not working anymore

I have two video cards attached to two monitors. The one that failed to work was the one attached to the Nvidia graphic card. I spent nearly 3 hours hunting for solutions on Google. It finally turned out to be the name of the driver has changed from “nvidia” to “nv”.

2. Compiz can’t run due to video driver problem

Compiz is installed by default in Hardy. But Hardy is unable to detect the restricted drivers for nvidia card. The “Hardware Drivers” ( was called “Restricted Dirvers Manager” in previous versions of Ubuntu ) displays nothing in its window. I was expecting that it would display the restricted nvidia driver and allow me to enable it. Without 3D support, compiz is useless.


I have done various tries mentioned by people from Internet who had the same problem as me, including removing all nvidia drivers and installing one downloaded from Nvidia website, but nothing worked. Because it is an office machine, I can’t spend too much time to install and uninstall systems and drivers, I would just give up.

3. SCIM is disabled by default, overwrites previous settings

I did upgrade from Feisty to Gusty, then Gusty to Hardy. In both instances the SCIM stopped working until I reconfigure it. It is very annoying. Plus in some applications, take Kate, aMSN for example, SCIM doesn’t work at all.

4. Firefox hangs with no reason

Since Feisty to Hardy on my machine, I can’t open Firefox with three instances, even with the latest upgrade to FF3 ( In Gusty with FF2, FF2 used 100% of CPU everytime I refresh a page ). If I try to open a third FF window, FF will simply hangs and you will have to kill it from command line. It is so frustrating and time wasting to restart FF.

5. Firefox 3 extensions

Firebug and Google toolbar ( Google bookmark ) are not working correctly in FF3. Firebug sometime hangs and I can’t open element inspection window, and Google bookmark simply says “Downloading bookmark” forever ( yes, most people with FF3 in Ubuntu has the same problem ).


6. Problems writing files remotely

I installed EditPlus 3 via Wine, and I use it to edit php source code at work to a samba mounted directory throught network. Everytime I save files, it always complains that the file has been modified outside the application, and asks me to either reload or force saving ( I do mean EVERYTIME ) the file. Initailly I thought it was the EditPlus problem, because it was the first time I use it in Linux. However, when I switch to Kate or Screem editor, they had the exactly same problem.

From EditPlus 3


From Screem:


Apart from the above problems, I am pretty happy with the current version of Ubuntu. Hope the Ubuntu team can improve the installation for the future upgrades.

Happy Linux.


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