Wife's PR Visa Granted

Wife's PR Visa Granted

Today we received the permanent resident visa grant letter for my wife from immigration. It is two and half years after my wife arrived in Melbourne in December 2005, just over two years after we got married in April 2006, and exactly two years after we submitted our application in June 2006.

The funny thing is that I called them on Tuesday 22nd, July, to tell the officer that we are planning to travel overseas in September, and I needed to make sure that my wife is able to leave the country and come back without problems. The officer said that she had not even started checking our application, and also asked me whether I have submitted all necessary documents or not.

I said I have done everything according to checklist. She double checked and said the documents look fine. And she also promised that the visa will be granted before we leave for overseas in September.

And today it is, the visa is granted and the letter is received. Apparently the officer actually simply finalised our application straight after my call and posted on the say day – yesterday, otherwise I would be able to receive today. But she told me before she hadn’t even started looking at our application before I called her.

This means that the actual documents checking only takes a few hours, but they simply don’t want to start it until I called them?

Anyway, visa is granted and we can now travel freely overseas.


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