BeiJing Pollution Image – Bullshit

BeiJing Pollution Image – Bullshit

It is all bullshit that western medias keep complaining about the pollutions in BeiJing. They wear masks, and the athletes delay their trips to Beijing all because of the health concerns over polluted air in the Olympic city.

The age’s article Haze still hovering over Beijing with an image is totally bullshit. Compare the following images:

In BeiJing

In Melbourne

What’s the difference. Let me tell you, the difference is that the first one is the 2008 Olympic host city, and the second one is the city that no one cares about while Olympic is being hosted in BeiJing. Yes we admit that BeiJing has pollution problems, and probably very serious. But come on…., there are millions of people live in the city, and they live there for over decades. But the westerns only stays there for a few weeks and they fear that they will get cancer or other diseases after the game because of the pollutions?

All those reports come from western medias are all because they don’t like Chinese Government, they don’t like BeiJing to host the Olympics, and they are jealous that China can host the Olympics.

Today is the day that the opening ceremony will start, and they finally admit they there is nothing they can do to stop the game being hosted by BeiJing, and they finally clear that the air in BeiJing has no harm to athletes, it is just that the weather is hot, but again, it is SUMMER, it is supposed to be HOT.

I am totally sick that since the time to Olympic approaches, none of the reports from theage or heraldsun has any positive aspects about BeiJing. It is all about pollutions, human rights. Stop the damn jealousy.


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