First Blood Donation

First Blood Donation

This week Hitwise organized staff members to donate blood to the red cross, and I was one of the guys who raised their hands. This is my first time to donate blood, and maybe I should do more in the future.

We left company at 3:15PM on Monday, arrived at around 3:30PM. It takes a while to register for first time donors, then we have brief interviews with their staff to access our eligibility, mainly to follow the questions we filled in the registration form and test our iron level in our blood. The iron level needs to be between 130-180, otherwise you can’t donate blood.

I started at 4:20PM. It was a bit scary to see nurses with needles and equipments, because I hate needles, but I told myself that I need to be strong, millions of people doing this everyday, why can’t I? Nurse told me that they would take 30ML for blood testing and 470ML will be actually donated. So we will lose 500ML of blood during donation.

The whole process took around 10 minutes and then we had pie, milk shake, orange juice and biscuits to eat afterwards. During the donation, the nurse also told me that there are around 120 people donate at this place, quite an impressive number.

I should do it more often in the future.


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