Last Day In Operations Team In Hitwise

Last Day In Operations Team In Hitwise

Today is my last day at Operations Team in Hitwise. My manager Peter has promoted me to join the R&D ( Research & Development ) team and it was finalised in early April. I have been waiting for my replacement of my current position, and the last day has come.

Thanks to Eric Blanchi, who is my current team leader, who cooked brownies for my farewell morning tea. Also thanks to John Mosca and Sarah who brings tasty Crispy Donuts for the morning tea as well. Some of the QA and R&D staff also joined the brief farewell.

I spent around 30 minutes to move my desktop and all of my stuff over to the new seat, so that everything is ready for Monday’s work.

Most of the developers in R&D are senior developers who have at least 6-10 years of experience. This is a real challenge for me because I only have 3 years of experience and there are lots of new knowledge and technologies that are waiting for me to learn.


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