Month: <span>September 2008</span>

Month: September 2008

Reverse ATM Pin Number

Got a forwarded email from friends regarding withdrawing cash from ATM on robbery: [generic] This is very interesting and lets hope none of us ever have to use it! PIN NUMBER REVERSAL (GOOD TO KNOW) If you should ever be forced by a robber to withdraw money from an ATM …


Extract Images From PDF File

pdfimages is a PDF image extractor utility/tool under Linux operating system. It can extract images from PDF file and save them under either Portable Pixmap(PPM), Portable Bitmap(PBM) or JPEG/JPG files. This utility should be installed by default in Ubuntu Hardy, at least it is the case in my installation. If …



ä»Žæ ¡å†…ç½‘ä¸Šè€ƒè¿‡æ¥çš„ï¼Œ 说明了福清人的出国热。 我想有褒有贬吧。 《我的唯一出路》 偷渡,我的唯一出路 大陆,我的伤心国度 迈开坚定的脚步 避开海关的耳目 忍受笼子的温度 饱受饥饿的小肚 躲避鲨鱼的鱼腹 想象大海的深度 偷渡是不是错误 取决个人的角度 现实真的很残酷 金钱乃身内之物 为了足够的实物 抛弃应有的风度 选择冒险去偷渡 偷渡是不是顺路 还看是否有门路 真想要掩人耳目 还要看蛇头力度 偷渡有一定难度 有钱人千万莫入 到了金钱的国度 买把刀当防身物 漂流到日本神户 山口组真是废物 å‡ºé—¨è¿˜è¦é ä¿æŠ¤ 该到了穷途末路 福清帮是大人物 出门大家都拥护 看清日本真面目 想起日本的侵入 找到小泉的住处 小刀刺向他腹部 刺杀是我的任务 监狱是我的坟墓 上了知名的百度 把这个当作礼物 å®ƒæ˜¯å¦ä¸å ªå…¥ç›® è¿˜åœ¨äºŽä½ çš„æ€è·¯ ————福清偷渡客 福建民工贫困浪歌手–福建勾魂手!


Dragonball – The Movie 2009

Wow, Dragonball is finally ready to be screened in cinemas on April 10, 2009. I just learnt today from my friend John Yu, who sent a link with the movie information. I have watched most Dragonball cartoons, and can’t wait to watch the movie. Below is the offical trailer found …


My new Snowflake Blog is now live. I will not be updating this blog anymore but will continue with new contents in the Snowflake world!