Daily Stand-up / Scrum meeting

Daily Stand-up / Scrum meeting

This is my second week in the Hitwise R&D team. We are using the Agile Development methodology and we have daily stand-up meetings to report on what was done and what to be done. There is very useful article about this daily stand-up / scrum meeting and I like to quote some references below:

The daily stand-up meeting or scrum meeting presents the team with a regular opportunity to synchronise development activities with the iteration plan and to check and reflect on the progress of the team’s commitments towards the iteration goal.

As a forum for communication and feedback, the team members co-ordinate their work and make a commitment to the team about what they aim to achieve in the day. They also identify any difficulties and obstacles to progress. The meeting is not intended to generate solutions nor remove obstacles. Making obstacles visible in this meeting raises awareness early, and allows team members to provide assistance and work collectively from the beginning. However, the meeting should not prevent issues and obstacles being raised at any other time.

To see the full article, click here.


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