Google Toolbar for Chrome

Google Toolbar for Chrome

If you are looking for solutions to install Google Toolbar in Chrome, bad luck, you are in the wrong blog. The answer is simply no, there is no to such toolbar for Google’s new Chrome browser.

This is what surprised me the most. I have been using Google toolbar for bookmark and translation tools for years. How could Google had no plan to have it default installed in the new browser?

I tried Chrome last night from my home computer and the experience was good. It is very light and fast, much faster than Firefox and IE. But I don’t think people will just switch to a new product if there are lots of features that they use everyday are missing. I posted a question on LinkedIn regarding installing GToolbar in Chrome, and all answers are simply no no no.

Google Toolbar for Chrome

All we need to do is to wait for further development which will then support extensions like Firefox.

Be patient, for the time being, stick with Firefox.


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