Hitwise Kids Xmas Party 2008

Hitwise Kids Xmas Party 2008

It is Xmas again in 2008, and Hitwise is organising another Kids Xmas Party at our St Kilda office this morning as usual. Lots of colleagues bring their wife and kids into the office to celebrate Xmas together and bring them in front of their desks to introduce their family to other colleagues.

Trevor missed last year’s kids party by just one month after my mum took him back to China in mid November. He is nearly one and half years old and we miss him very much. He is growing so fast that he can run and dance, although he still can’t talk. He actaully talks in his own language and even my mum couldn’t understand what he tries to say.

My mum’s application to migrate to Australia has been filed more than half a year ago, so I hope her visa can be granted by mid next year and then she can bring Trevor back to us by that time. Then Trevor will be able to join the Hitwise Kids Party next Xmas.


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