Year: <span>2009</span>

Year: 2009

Rhythmbox In Fedora 11

I have recently installed Fedora 11 at work for PHP development. However, working in front PHP code without music really sucks. The default music player Rhythmbox somehow failed to start when I click from the menu. So I start it from shell and found out the following errors: I have …



今天和老婆到了Glen Waverley的Village看了“Terminator Salvation”。 电影还行, 看完后我们就在附近找餐馆吃午饭。老婆听人说“阿姨水饺店”不错, 而且排队的人也挺多, 感觉应该不错。 我们点了“牛腩饭”和“台湾牛肉面”。 可是等上菜时, 我的牛腩饭上就是光秃秃的牛腩在米饭上, 连一颗青菜都没有。老婆的台湾牛肉面上也是面条加上几块纯瘦的牛肉, 在加上些酸菜。 两道菜上没有一颗青菜(对我来说酸菜根本不算青菜)。 其实在上菜之前有个服务员在我们旁边休息吃午餐, 她吃的就是“酸菜饭”, 因为在她的盘子里除了饭我就看到酸菜。 难道这个“阿姨”厨房里连一颗像样的青菜都没有? 这两盘菜的口味也不好。 我想这是我第一菜在这吃, 也是最后一次了。 回到家我Google了一下“阿姨水饺店”, 被我发现了这个:大家都不要去carnegie的阿姨水饺店工作。 咳, 华人黑餐馆的故事太多了, 什么时候中国人能够不黑中国人啊?


Home Renovation Project 2009

Wooo, we have finally finished painting for all rooms, including two bedrooms, one master room, living room, dining room and kitchen. It was really hard work but great reward in the end. All painting cost around 30 Liters of paint. Although we still have one toilet and two bathrooms left, …


My new Snowflake Blog is now live. I will not be updating this blog anymore but will continue with new contents in the Snowflake world!