Still Active On Job Hunting

Still Active On Job Hunting

It’s been over a week since I lost my job on 5th of Feb. And I have got 3 interviews so far, but I am still waiting for results and keeping looking for other opportunities.

My first interview was with a publishing company who uses Mac as development environment. And I had a second interview last Thursday. I personally felt quite well because I had finished all the tasks in time without any problems. But they didn’t choose my in the end.

The second interview was at Mulgrave, a company who provides e-commerce solutions. I didn’t quite like the company after the interview because from that they described to me, their development process is quite a mess at the moment. They said that they were a small company, and didn’t have enough resources to make the process more formal and more sophisticated. They are looking to do it in the future, but not now. And they are actually looking for a team leader php developer role, so I probably don’t have enough experience to qualify it.

The third interview was with a website development company in Fiztory. And I think this company suits me the best so far, since it is doing what I am interested in right now – web development. This is one of the most relaxed interview I have ever had since I started looking for jobs 4 years ago. We chatted all the way from the office down to a nearby cafe shop, where they ordered their breakfast and we continued our chatting inside. They did ask me lots of questions, and I think I have answered most of them very well. And I also have prepared quite a few questions for them as well.

Today is the starting of a new week, hopefully there will be some more new jobs into the market so that I can continue hunting, but the in the mean time, I also hope I can get the respond from the third interview.

Wish me luck.

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