Call Of Duty – World At War Reloaded

Call Of Duty – World At War Reloaded

I installed Call of Duty – World At War three times today to finally get it working. Initially the installation went pretty smoothly, but after I launched the game I couldn’t start a new game. I just click on the new game button and the difficulty thing came out and then nothing happens no matter what i choose. It was so frustrating.

I removed it and then installed the second time, still had the same problem. So I googled for solutions and found one from siddhart habbineni’s blog. The response were all positive on his blog. So I uninstalled it and reinstalled again. But this time, without applying the solution I found, it worked!!

I had no idea what happened, but now I can enjoy the awesome game. I played the previous version of COD last year, and I am sure I will enjoy this one as well.


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