Home Renovation Project 2009

Home Renovation Project 2009

Wooo, we have finally finished painting for all rooms, including two bedrooms, one master room, living room, dining room and kitchen. It was really hard work but great reward in the end. All painting cost around 30 Liters of paint. Although we still have one toilet and two bathrooms left, we will do it after bamboo floor is installed in the next few days, because currently the home is really messy.

After the flooring, we will need to paint all doors from yellow to brown, upgrade our ugly fence, repair the roof gutter, and then also possibly paint the roof edges and front yard concrete floors. It is really a big job to get all those done, and I am very excited.

Apart from the bamboo floor, which I have asked for professional installation, all other tasks I will do myself. It is a lot to learn and very fun.

Not sure how long it will take though, considering I can only do it at the weekend, a few months at least I think.


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