11th Anniversary in Melbourne

11th Anniversary in Melbourne

How time flies! Today marks the 11th anniversary since I arrived in Melbourne on 15th of January 2000.

I was only 17 years of old when I arrived and thanks to my relatives who gave me great supports during my first 2 years of study in high school. There were difficult times when I was study in both high school and university, however, in general my life so far has been very smooth. The following marks the milestones that happened during the last 11 years:

14th of Jan, 2000: First time left home & family, first time in the airport, first time took a plane and first time in Hong Kong
115th of Jan, 2000: First time in Melbourne, weather was hot, can’t remember the temperature though
Early February, 2000: Started English language course in Taylors College in the city
April, 2000: Started Year 11 in Taylors College
September, 2000: Finished Year 11 and jumped to MUFY(Monash University Foundation Year)
July 2001: Graduated from MUFY and started Bachelor of Software Engineering in Monash University Clayton campus with Scholarships
July 2004: Due to Immigration policy changes, had to transfer from Bachelor of Software Engineering to Bachelor of Computer Science to graduate earlier and apply for PR
December 2004: Graduated from Monash University with Bachelor of Computer Science
April 2005: Found first job in the city as a Junior PHP developer
May 2005: Permanent Resident Visa granted
June 2005: Started applying Sue to come to Australia under Fiancée Visa
25th of December 2005: Sue got her visa and arrived in Melbourne
February 2006: Started my second job on St Kilda Road
April 2006: Sue and I got married
October 2006: Sue is pregnant
Jaunary 2007: We were informed that we were expecting a boy
February 2007: Had our second wedding in China
14th of July, 2007: Trevor was born in Monash Medical Centre
August 2007: Mum’s tourist visa granted and arrived in Melbourne the first time
November 2007: Sue, Trevor and Mum went back to China
August 2008: Transferred to Senior R&D team internally
Early February 2009: Was made redundant by my employer and became jobless
Mid February 2009: Found another job in Abbotsford as PHP Developer and started immedicately
December 2009: Mum’s permanent visa granted
March 2010: Mum arrived in Melbourne the second time and with permanent resident visa
April 2010: Started a new job as Software Engineer in Richmond
August 2010: Mum and Trevor went back to China again for Trevor to start kindergarten
November 2010: Sue is pregnant again and expecting second child in August next year

Trevor is studying kindergarten back in China now and will be back to Melbourne again mid next month to start pre-school in Monash child-care centre.


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