Baby Lost

Baby Lost

Sue’s bleeding has started to become worse since 2AM last night. We are actually still waiting for a call from one of the doctors in the Monash Medical Centre for a further test on the pregnancy, but this made us no choice but have to go back to the Emergency Department early this morning.

Further test confirmed that my wife is in miscarriage, and we were given three options:

  1. Let the miscarriage go on as natural ( 70-85% of people don’t need surgical treatment, takes around 2 or more weeks )
  2. Use medical management to increase the miscarriage process ( 85-95% of people don’t need surgical treatment, but takes around 7 days )
  3. Have surgical treatment ( can make the bleeding stop straightaway )

After having a deep thought, we decided to use option 2 as this is the safest way. We were given some tablets and them discharged from hospital.

We are really sad that we have lost a baby, but this is something that out of our control and I guess we just have accept it, at least this doesn’t stop us from having more babies.

I will have to work from home for the next two days so that I can take care of Sue while still be able to do some work.

Hopefully Sue can recover soon.


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