Get Url Query Parameters From Flex

Get Url Query Parameters From Flex

Flex doesn’t support native function to get query parameters from the url and you will have to develop one yourself. I needed this function for one of the tasks I have to complete at work, so I wrote one myself. The code as follows:
import flash.external.ExternalInterface;

public static function getHtmlParameters(queryString:String):String {
var param:String ="");
if(!param) return '';

param=param.replace("\?", "&");
var paramArray:Array = param.split('&');
for(var x:int = 0; x<paramArray.length; x++) {
var splitArray:Array = paramArray[x].split('=');

var name:String = splitArray[0];
var value:String = splitArray[1];

if(queryString == name) return value;

return '';
I think the code is straightforward enough and don’t need more explanations. I hope it can help someone who needed and save your time. Happy blogging.


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