No List Changes for Symfony 1.4 Project Deploy

No List Changes for Symfony 1.4 Project Deploy

Our project is based on old Symfony version 1.2 and is really out-dated. I have been thinking of upgrading it to latest stable 1.4 version so that we can take all the available new features and improvement, as well as making it easier to upgrade to 2.0 when it is ready. I spent a little bit of time doing the upgrade over the weekend and the process seemed to be very smooth. The only problem I have is that the project deploy task under the new version seems to hang every time I deploy the project after re-building all models, forms and filters without any output, and kept waiting. It was really annoying but turned out to be a very easy fix, add ‘-t’ parameter in the task command:
./symfony project:deploy -t production--go
I don’t know why Symfony does this as default, but a quick and easy fix for now.


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