Possible Miscarriage Discovered

Possible Miscarriage Discovered

My wife has had a little bit of bleeding since yesterday, and we were a big concerned. So we went to the Monash Medical Centre Emergency Department this morning to make sure because our PG is currently still on holiday.

There weren’t many patients on Sunday, so we only waited for 5 minutes before being called by nurses.

After a bit of blood test, Doctor suggested us for an ultrasound test as well just to make sure. However, the nurse told us that he couldn’t be able to see clearly from the screen for some reason and asked whether Sue is OK for an internal ultrasound or we can talk to doctor if we like. I was afraid the pain that might cause and asked to speak doctor first.

Then we waited for another 20 minutes, and we were informed that Sue might have a miscarriage at this stage because from the ultrasound result the baby is only at 6 weeks while we have already reached 12 weeks. It is very possible that the fetus is not growing inside the womb. She has referred us to do further tests next week, but it is very likely that miscarriage will be the result.

I was totally shocked although miscarriage is very common in early pregnancy. Sue also saying that her symptoms of pregnancy is not as obvious compared with when we had Trevor 3 years ago.

What should I do?



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