Year 2011 Resolutions

Year 2011 Resolutions

I didn’t set resolutions last year, but gonna set a few for this year for me to complete:

  1. Write more professional and personal blogs ( at least 4 each / month )
  2. Need to start having the habit of Test Driven Development
  3. Make a website ( the one I have in mind for a while )
  4. Rebuild Trevor’s website using Flex
  5. Replace our current ugly fence at home ( hire someone or DIY )
  6. Learn home gardening from TV show
  7. Learn some basic Video / Photo editing
  8. Do exercise at least 3-4 times a week ( if weather permits )
  9. Lose weight to 70KG, keep it for a few months and not allow it to jump back to more than 75KG
  10. Make 2 or more blood donations
  11. Organise a dinner for high school friends to get together
  12. Get my dad to come over and join us for at least a few weeks
  13. Teach Trevor how to swim ( not by me though )
  14. Beat my 14K run for the kids record set in 2009 on my birthday ( 1:11:18 )
  15. Buy more gifts for family

Looking forward for the rest of 2011


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