Mac Eclipse JavaHL Error for Subclipse

Mac Eclipse JavaHL Error for Subclipse

I have recently installed a plugin version of Flash Builder 4 into my Eclipse IDE so that I can use the same IDE for both AS3 and PHP, and then installed Subclipse. However, I keep getting an error message from subclipse:


Failed to load JavaHL Library.
These are the errors that were encountered:
no libsvnjavahl-1 in java.library.path
no svnjavahl-1 in java.library.path
/opt/local/lib/libsvnjavahl- no suitable image found.
Did find: /opt/local/lib/libsvnjavahl- mach-o, but wrong architecture


This is due to Snow Leopard is still compiling Subversion and JavaHL package using 32-bit binaries, but my Mac is using 64-bit JVM and 64-bit JVM can’t load 32-bit native library. To fix this problem, you will need to install openCollabNet, which is available on their site.

You can find more information on Subclipse site.


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