Australian Suburb Database

Australian Suburb Database

I am currently working on a project with my partner which requires a full list of suburb names covered in Australia as this new website will be launched Australia wide. Thanks for Matt Bowden who provides a full list of Australian states and every suburbs ( exactly 16870 rows ) in each state.

What’s even better is that it also includes the geographic coordinates for each suburb. This will make our life easier when including those information in Google Map in our final product.

However, there is one row that contains incorrect information. Basically this particular row has “state_id” of “zero” which doesn’t map to any information in the “state” table. This caused the importing failed because I have foreign key constrains setup on my InnoDB database. I have removed the entry and zipped the data for anyone who wish to use it.

You can download the zipped sql file here, enjoy. And of course, the same disclaimer applies from the original author: “if it breaks, both pieces are yours… I / we make no claims as to the accuracy of this stuff

Update on 2011-07-11:

You can download the updated file on Matt’s Blog, as he will update the file periodically to fix any issues with the data. ENJOY.



  1. Hi Eric,

    Thanks for the pingback 🙂

    I just wanted to point out, though, that the database will be periodically updated – I updated it today to remove the dodgy row you pointed out – so it’s probably better to just link back to my page (not the file itself, as I’ve started to date stamp the file name) rather than to offer the file yourself.

    Hope the database helps you, and good luck with your project 🙂


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