Parking Fine Saved – Thank You

Parking Fine Saved – Thank You

I went to the Alfred Hospital this morning to see one of my doctors for my medical condition. And instead of parking inside the Hospital which will charge us at least $15 for a couple of hours, I decided to park at the corner of Punt Road & Greville Street, as I did park there about half a year ago when I came here to see the same doctor.

I arrived at the corner at about 9AM, and I was staying in the car to find my appointment letter from my doctor. One guy approached to my car and knock on my window. As I slided my window down, he told me that I can’t park here between 9AM-10AM on Thursday morning ( today is Thursday by the way ) because he was fined yesterday by doing so. I thanked him and checked the sign myself to confirm he is right.

So I moved a few blocks down towards the Prahran station and found one that can be parked from 9AM onwards.

When I came back from the hospital 1 hour later, I saw one car was parking at the spot where I was parking and I noticed a parking ticket issued on its window. I said “Thank God” as I walked pass it and “Thank You” to the guy who reminded me. I would definitely park there if he didn’t tell me because I did park here last time, although on different day.

Whoever you are, thank you again by saving my parking fine.


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