Tonight I was trying to install Windows 7 in VMWare Fusion under MacBook Pro, but I kept getting the following error:

It was really frustrating as I have tried to switch between 64-bit and 32-bit but still not working. After some googling it turned out to be a very simple fix. What I needed to do was to disconnect my virtual floppy disk from the newly created virtual machine for Windows 7. I did the following steps to solved the problem:

1. Power down the Windows 7 virtual machine

2. Go to virtual machine settings (right click and choose “Settings”)

3. Click on “Other Devices” from the bottom right:

4. Make sure floppy disk is selected from the left and then click on the un-tick the box before the “Connected” to disconnect the floppy

5. Power back on the virtual machine and continue the installation as usual.

It works perfectly fine, hopefully it is useful to some people.

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