New Year Resolutions For 2012

New Year Resolutions For 2012

OK, it is the time of the year for next year’s resolutions again, followings are what was happening in the last 12 months:

  1. Write more professional and personal blogs ( at least 4 each / month )
  2. Need to start having the habit of Test Driven Development
  3. Make a website ( the one I have in mind for a while )
  4. Rebuild Trevor’s website using Flex
  5. Replace our current ugly fence at home ( hire someone or DIY )
  6. Learn home gardening from TV show
  7. Learn some basic Video / Photo editing
  8. Do exercise at least 3-4 times a week ( if weather permits )
  9. Lose weight to 70KG, keep it for a few months and not allow it to jump back to more than 75KG
  10. Make 2 or more blood donations
  11. Organise a dinner for high school friends to get together
  12. Get my dad to come over and join us for at least a few weeks
  13. Teach Trevor how to swim ( not by me though )
  14. Beat my 14K run for the kids record set in 2009 on my birthday ( 1:11:18 )
  15. Buy more gifts for family

Some are done, but others didn’t commit enough, and some are out of my control, like my dad’s visa rejection. I consider it as not too bad, but still a lot to improve.

Now looking forward to 2012, I would like the following to happen:

Personal goals:

  1. Continue with more blogs ( again at least 8 posts each month )
  2. Rebuild Trevor’s website and build another one for our new baby girl
  3. Ride to work for whole 22KM at least 4 times a month
  4. Drop my weight to 65KG ( this is the most challenging one )
  5. Make 3 blood donations
Professional goals:
  1. Make my new project live
  2. Learn Symfony2 and build a site using it
  3. Learn mobile programming and build a mobile version of my project
  4. Get new ideas for new project(s)
  5. Write application to back up my server data to Dropbox automatically, including blog posts & images, svn etc
I hope I can get more done this year.


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