I rode to work yesterday, and planned to ride back home this afternoon.

Today was 35 degrees, but I didn’t want it to become the excuse to catch train back home, so I decided to go as planned.

From city out until half way, I realised there were more people riding back home even under the hot weather, at least 2 times more than other normal days. Maybe everyone wants to do exercise under the hot weather to burn fats?

I felt I have more power today for some reason, so I decided to push myself hard by riding in my full strength. I passed lots of other riders on the way, but also got passed by other more powerful riders. Finally I arrived at home 55 minutes later, saved around 10 minutes compare to other days that I went easy.

I didn’t feel very tired at all, I guess once I get used to it, I can certainly have more days riding to work.

Keep up the good work.

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