Dumping iiNet and Switching to TPG

Dumping iiNet and Switching to TPG

I have been with iiNet for almost 5 years. Since I switched to Naked DSL plan around 2 years ago, although iiNet had upgraded our monthly usage quota a few times from 10GB a month ( peak time ) to current 75GB a month, my experience is still very frustrating. The reason being that Naked DSL plans counts both uploads and downloads towards the monthly usage quota.

We video chat with family member overseas everyday using either Skype or QQ ( Chinese social and chatting software ), which heavily download and upload videos at the same time. I am sick of keeping worrying about the quota usage and logging into iiNet’s toolbox web interface to check the amount we have used, which does not work well most of the time ( keep redirecting to iiNet web mail for some reason ). I have been thinking about switching to TPG for a long time, after seeing its ads for unlimited ADSL2+ plans, but just lazy and worry about the downtime that we will have while switching.

But enough is enough, I have called TPG today and confirmed that there will be almost no downtime at all when switching the service from iiNet to TPG, most likely will be around 5-10 minutes. And I have also confirmed with iiNet that I will not be charged for cancellation and any unused service will be refunded at the time of cancellation.

I also checked with my friends who are TPG customers and they seem to be happy with the service. So I called TPG again tonight and they confirmed doing the transfer which will happen in about 10-20 working days.

The new service will cost $10 a month less than what I am paying currently, not taking into account the connection fee ($80), but I am very happy with it.

Now I can finally enjoy the unlimited internet and stop worrying about the damn QUOTA.



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