Finally Get Ubuntu 12.04 Installed

Finally Get Ubuntu 12.04 Installed

After I replaced my old hard drive with 1TB seagate hard disk from MSY, I tried to install dual boot of Windows XP and Ubuntu with 50GB and 30GB partitions respectively, but never got success. Everytime I got Ubuntu installed, Grub2 always complained about unrecognised partition and unable to boot, I had to remove the Linux MBR to allow Windows to boot. The reason being that somehow my BIOS is unable to read the boot partition created by Linux, some people on the Internet saying that some system’s BIOS has limitations if the boot partition is too far from the beginning of the disk. I never found a solution to fix this issue.

My old hard disk has bad sectors, that’s why I have to replace it as Windows kept failing due to corrupted system files. I gave a bet and managed to re-partition the whole disk and allocate 30GB to install Ubuntu. I was lucky that the first 100GB of disk space can be re-claimed, however the rest of 220GB Ubuntu is unable to format due to bad sector. Anyway, as long as I can get Ubuntu going, I don’t worry much about the loss of this 220GB space, this hard disk was planned to be throw away anyway.

Now I have two system running on separate hard disk. Windows XP is running on the new hard disk and Ubuntu 12.04 is on the old disk. They are running very happy with each other so far. Here are some screenshots for Ubuntu:

Dash Home:

Ubuntu Software Centre:

CompizConfig Settings Manager:

Windows switching:

Workspace switcher:

I am still struggling with installing PPStream to watch videos online, but so far it is quite good, very fast start up and shut down and compiz is awesome, although with some bugs that sometimes kill itself.

Next step is to get my webcam working with Skype. Wish me luck.


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