How to Clear Ubuntu Grub Loader

How to Clear Ubuntu Grub Loader

I was trying to install Ubuntu 12 on my existing Windows XP installation on a separate partition, using the image downloaded and burned onto a CD-RW. However, after the installation completed and my PC rebooted, I got an error after the POST screen:
no parition found
grub rescue >
The screen stayed there and I can’t reach the point to choose which OS to boot from. Looks like the new version of Grub has trouble finding the correct partitions on my hard drive. I have installed previous version of Ubuntu without problems under the exact same partition structure on my disk. I have tried installing it twice, one with single partition and another one with “/” and swap partition, however none of them were working. I had no choice but needed to remove the Ubuntu’s boot loader from MBR and bring back my Windows XP, otherwise my system will not be useful at all, as I can’t boot into Windows anymore. To remove the Ubuntu boot loader, I have to boot back into Windows installation CD and using the Recovery Console to fix the boot issue. After system recovery console is loaded
C:\WINDOWS> cd ..
C:\> fixboot C:
Now my Windows is back, I need to find out what caused the issue and will try to install it again.


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