CutePDF Form Filler

CutePDF Form Filler

I regularly need to fill in migration/tourist visa application forms for my families. I have done it numerous times and I am sure I will continue doing so in the next few years.

Initially I had to print out the PDF forms online and fill in using pens, if I made a mistake, I had to print out another and re-fill the page that had errors. This is very cumbersome and waste of paper. Recently I have found a tool called CutePDF Form Filler. What it does is to allow us to fill in the PDF forms electronically and then we can save it as the normal PDF document, so that you can just open it in normal Adobe Reader.

This is really handy as all I need to do is fill in the form on my computer and then save it on the cloud, and only print it when I have double checked everything and make sure no mistakes.

It is a commercial product, but I think you can just use it forever as long as you don’t mind the little message mentioning about CutePDF on the first page of the saved PDF document after trial finishes.

The most important thing is that it does the job.


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  1. Elfrieda Rowland

    Interesting commentary . I am thankful for the points – Does anyone know if I could possibly obtain a template Property Mgmt & More Move-In / Move Out Inspection Checklist example to edit ?

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