Ride To Work For 6 Months

Ride To Work For 6 Months

January 3rd , 2012, the first day back to work after the Near Year, was my first day riding 22KM on my new bike all the way from Clayton to Melbourne CBD. And at the same time, I had set a goal for myself to ride at least 2 times a week if weather permitted. This will give me more chances to do exercises as well saving money on public transport.

It is exactly 6 months up to yesterday, how time flies! For the first few days I was trying to ride to and from work on the same day, but that nearly killed me. So I had the new plan to ride to work on one day and then ride back home the next day, this will really ensure that I will do exercise everyday, of course, if weather is good, but not over exercised.

This sticker has been on my cup for almost a year. It was given by one of my ex-colleagues who occasionally ride to work. I wanted to try to ride for a long time, but didn’t proceed because of the price of bikes (to expensive), until I finally made my decision last Christmas.

Now I can really say “I Love Riding To Work”.


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