Since March I used iPhone to track my cycling activity (data missing between Jan and Feb due to no smartphone on hand), I have reached over 1600KMs according to RunKeeper. It is a really impressive number just by looking at it. I have dropped my weight from nearly 80KGs to current 66KGs, I am so proud of myself, ^_^.

I am going back to China to see families next month, and I am sure they will be surprised when they see me, to compare with when I went back last time 2 years ago.

There are still a couple of months before the end of the year (taking away 1 month I am going overseas) and I have set a goal for myself so that I can reach 2000KMs by the end of the year.

There aren’t many friends who are cycling to work, so I have no one else to compare with at the moment, which is quite boring. If anyone is also doing this, please add me to your friend list.


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