Migrate VPS to InterServer

Migrate VPS to InterServer

My old VPS was with HostMist, which I have been with for quite a few years, the plan was US$6 for 10GB space and 128MB memory. I actually got around 1GB for quite a while, and I think it was their fault that they accidentally gave me extra RAM, :).

Recently my memory has been reverted to 128MB and I can feel that the server can not cope with basic LAMP setup anymore, as MySQL just kept crashing and site is down most of the time.

I guess it is time to do a bit of research and see whether there are  other cheaper alternatives or similar ones with more RAM. After about 2 days of Googling, I landed with InterServer with a trial. This is what it offers:



Price is the same but with more storage and memory. I signed up straightaway and got Ubuntu 13.04 installed in no time. However, while I was installing LAMP, I kept getting “Out of Memory” errors by simply running “apt-get install” commands.

I wasn’t happy but not sure why a small Ubuntu Server can’t handle 512MB of memory, according to Official Ubuntu website:



512MB is more than enough, with only LAMP installed. I emailed billing department and ask them to give me a refund as the server simply can’t do anything.

I got a reply in a couple of hours and they agree to give me free extra 512MB or they can give me full refund. 1GB of RAM? Why not give it a try? So here it is, my server is now running quite stable for the last couple of days,  and I have switched the DNS on Godaddy for all my domains to the new server.

Let’s see what happens with 1GB memory on VPS and how long it will last, for a server hosts about 4 blogs with small traffic.

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