Year: <span>2014</span>

Year: 2014

Another Redundancy & Waiting For New Job Comfirmation

On 16th of December, about two weeks ago, Betfair suddenly announced around 40 job redundancies across the whole business, both in Melbourne and Hobart. That morning after the announcement, I could sense the chaos atmosphere, I could feel that everyone was nervous, but I wasn’t, because I have come through the same …

Oozie “Multiple “ok to” Transitions To The Same Node Are Not Allowed

I have been working with Oozie for quite a few weeks, and the experience so far has been quite positive. It is quite easy to learn, given that you understands XML and Hadoop ecosystem. However, there is one limitation that is quite annoying, although I understand the purpose behind the …

My new Snowflake Blog is now live. I will not be updating this blog anymore but will continue with new contents in the Snowflake world!