Month: <span>May 2014</span>

Month: May 2014

Enabling Snappy Compression Support in Hadoop 2.4 under CentOS 6.3

After Hadoop is install manually using binary package on CentOS, Snappy compression is not supported by default and there are extra steps required in order for Snappy to work in Hadoop. It is straightforward but might not be obvious if you don’t know what to do. Firstly, if you are …


Hive Export/Import Command – Transfering Data Between Hive Instances

When working with Hive, there are lots of scenarios that we need to move data from one cluster to another. For instance, sometimes we need to copy some production data into alpha/dev environment for testing purpose. Luckily that Hive provides two easy commands for us to do it. Since version …


My new Snowflake Blog is now live. I will not be updating this blog anymore but will continue with new contents in the Snowflake world!