Booked in Cloudera’s Hadoop Administrator Certification Exam

Booked in Cloudera’s Hadoop Administrator Certification Exam

I booked in the certification exam for Cloudera’s Hadoop Administrator to be done this Tuesday morning at 10AM. Cloudera recently changed the way the exam is conducted. Students used to need to go to a specific exam centre and sit inside a classroom for the test, but now it is all done online through a partner called Innovative Exams.


The way it works is to install a chrome extension from Innovative Exams, and allow them to watch you, both your face and desktop monitors remotely, via web cam and the chrome extension. They will catch you if you try to cheat. It is very convenience since you don’t have to physically go to another place for the test, but it does feel a bit odd when someone is watching all your movements for the whole one and half hours.

Anyway, I have studied hard and now ready for the exam. Wow, the very first exam since I graduated from Uni almost 10 years ago. Fingers crossed.


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