Simple Tool to Enable SSL/TLS for CM/CDH Cluster

Simple Tool to Enable SSL/TLS for CM/CDH Cluster

Since earlier this year, Cloudera has started a new program that allows each Support Engineer to do a full week offline self-learning. Topics can be chosen by each individual engineer so long as the outcome has a value to the business, It can be either the engineer skilled up with a certification that helps with day to day work, or a presentation to share with the rest of the team what he/she had learnt from the week doing self-learning. Last week, from 27th of August to 31st of August was my turn.

After a careful consideration, I thought that my knowledge on SSL/TLS area needed to be skilled up, so I had decided to find some SSL/TLS related courses on either SafariOnline or Lynda, and then see if I could try to enable Cloudera Manager as well as most of the CDH services with SSL/TLS, ideally to put everything into a script so that this process can be automated. I discussed this with my manager and we agreed on my plan.

On the first two days, I found a couple of very useful video courses from, see below link:

SSL Certificates For Web Developers
Learning Secure Sockets Layer

They were very useful in helping me getting a better understanding of the fundamental of SSL/TLS and how to generate keys and sign the cerficate all by yourself.

After that I reviewed Cloudera’s official online documentation on how to enable SSL/TLS for Cloudera Manager as well as the rest of CDH services and built a little tool that is written in shell script to allow anyone to generate certificates on the fly and enable SSL/TLS for his/her cluster with a simple couple of commands.

The documentation links can be found below:

Configuring TLS Encryption for Cloudera Manager
Configuring TLS/SSL Encryption for CDH Services

I have published this little tool on github and is available here. Currently it supports enabling SSL/TLS for the following services:

Cloudera Manager (from Level 1 to Level 3 security)

With this tool, user can enable SSL/TLS for any of the above services with ease in a few minutes.

If you have any suggestions or comments, please leave them in the comment section below, thanks.



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