Appreciation To All My Readers

Appreciation To All My Readers

Today, I was thrilled after receiving an email response from our customer while helping them to troubleshoot a Kerberos related issue. He mentioned below:

From Google Analytics I can see that the traffic to my site has increased and I keep getting comments from readers all over the world with questions. However, I never expected to be mentioned by our customers while working on their cases.

This makes me feel that all the time I spent on writing those blogs are worth the effects. I have stopped writing since late last year due to holiday overseas. Now I am back and the comment from above reader on my blog gives me more energy to continue writing all the issues I experience while helping customers resolving their tough issues on their Hadoop clusters.

Again, thanks for everyone who spend time reading my blog. I will continue doing what I used to do, keep putting quality contents and hope they can help you to resolve your issues easily.

Any questions, please post on the comment section of each blog and I will try my best to reply as soon as possible.


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