Tag: <span>Beeline</span>

Tag: Beeline

Beeline Failed To Start With OOM Error When Calling getConsoleReader Method

If you get the following error when trying to start up beeline from command line: Based on the stacktrace, we can see that Beeline was at startup phase and was trying to initialize through getConsoleReader method, which will read data from beeline’s history file: By default, the history file is …


Beeline options need to be placed before “-e” option

Recently I needed to deal with an issue that users tried to specify “–incremental=true” as beeline command line option, due to the issue that beeline failed with OutOfMemory error when fetching results from HiveServer2. This option should help with the OOM problem, however it did not in this particular case. …


Beeline Exit Codes Explained

Beeline will return non-zero exit code on failure in the following CDH versions 5.2.2 onwards. The returned exit code simply means the number of errors occurred during beeline’s execution. So for example, the following command will result the exit code of 2 because the first two “show” command will fail …


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