Tag: <span>HiveServer2</span>

Tag: HiveServer2

“Request is a replay (34)” error on HiveServer2 Web UI

After a CDH cluster is enabled with Kerberos, by default, HiveServer2’s web UI will also be enabled with SPNEGO, sometimes it will cause HiveServer2’s web UI to reject user’s request with below error: This can happen when Kerberos has detected that user is trying to authenticate twice within a short …


How to Restrict Users From Updating Hive Settings

As an administrator to manage a Hive cluster, sometimes it is needed to restrict users from updating certain Hive settings from client side. One particular example is mapred.job.queue.name or newer name mapreduce.job.queuename, where we might not want users to blindly submitting to any queues in YARN. To achieve this, Hive …


PerfLogger Missing for Hive in CDH6

Recently I discovered that the performance logs were missing from both HiveServer2 and HiveMetaStore server logs. This makes troubleshooting performance related issue very hard. The log message that I am expecting is something like below: HiveServer2 Log: Above log tells me that the getSplit operation took 57 milli-seconds to complete. …


HiveServer2 Failed to Startup with NullPointerException

Recently I was dealing with an issue that HiveServer2 was not able to start up and keeps failing with NullPointerException error. See below full stacktrace: Since the stacktrace showed that HiveServer2 failed to startup while loading All Functions, I focused my analysis on checking the list of functions we had …


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