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Tag: PHP

PHP Notice: Constant CRYPT_RANDOM_IS_WINDOWS already defined After Installing Net_SFTP From phpseclib

Recently I needed a SFTP client to upload file securely from local machine to remote SFTP server. I built a client myself using PHP function “ssh2_scp_send” to upload the file. It worked fine on my local testing environment, but failed on production because our system engineer guy only allowed the …


Getting Command Output via SSH2 Functions in PHP

Running command and getting the output via ssh2 is not as straightforward as running command directly using function exec(), it requires a few function calls using “stream”. The following code illustrates how to do it: This is simply for my personal note for future reference, but hopefully it can also …


My new Snowflake Blog is now live. I will not be updating this blog anymore but will continue with new contents in the Snowflake world!