Year: <span>2006</span>

Year: 2006

I have got my new home

After non-stop looking for houses every Saturday ( no time to do it during weekdays 🙁 ), I have finally got a new apartment to live in with my wife. I have been waiting for this moment since a few months ago. Thank god I get it before Christmas and …


I hate Connex

I have been really sick of the public transport system in Melbourne. I am using public transport to go to work everyday, and at the same time, I am facing delayed trains everyday. One of the worst lines I have experienced is the Sandringham Line, and followed by Pakenham / …


PNG Transparency in IE6

Oh, not again!! Another browser compatability issue caused by IE6!! I have been working on my new project – Helper Balloon for about 2 weeks now, and everything goes smoothly except for the IE6 support of PNG’s transparency, which took me nearly the whole day to fix it. [generic] The …


Create ZIP file using PHP

When developing web applications, it is very common that you will encounter to deal with a list of different file formats. I have been doing web development for about one and half years, the file formats that I have encountered are pure TXT file, CSV, XML, INI, and different types …


My new Snowflake Blog is now live. I will not be updating this blog anymore but will continue with new contents in the Snowflake world!